888 Holdings – Prerender Case Study

How 888casino and 888sports Beat Indexing Issues with Prerender

888casino and 888sports decided to stop gambling on Google to perform perfect indexation on their web pages. Instead, they took the matter into their own hands.

888 Holdings - 888sports

Their Story

At the forefront of global betting and gaming.

While many casinos come and go, 888casino has maintained its strong presence in the international online gambling industry since 1997. More than 2.3 million enjoy their gambling software (monthly), resulting in several prestigious casino awards over the years. They’re committed to offering a safe environment for players, and ensuring they feel comfortable.

888sports may be the younger child of the subsidiary company of 888 Holdings, but it has grown into a reputable and trusted sports-betting website worldwide. It houses various sports events, including soccer, basketball, and tennis, ranging from local to international competitions. More than 2.6 million people visit the 888sports website a month to test their luck on a sports event.

Now, being the leading online betting and gaming provider is hard work. Not only do they have to keep reinventing themselves, but they also face some technical SEO challenges. Technical SEO plays a significant role in their performance. For example, 888casino and 888sports have large amounts of dynamic content on their JavaScript websites, which is notoriously difficult to index.

But that was before Prerender came in.

Client Challenges

A fully rendered page is essential.

When chatted to Guy Sasson, the SEO lead of 888 Holdings, he shared his goal “to serve Google the best version of our pages and as close as possible to the live versions.” However, achieving this isn’t easy. Like any client-side rendering (CSR) websites, 888casino and 888sports needed to serve fully cached versions to Google—but their crawl budget kept on holding them back.

“Since we know Google’s resources to crawl a JavaScript site are limited, we knew we had to find a solution for it.” shared Sasson. That’s where Prerender came in. Today, their large-scale and dynamic sports betting sites use Prerender due to the number of sports events offered for users to place their bets. “We are not compromising when it comes to serving Google fully rendered pages.”

Here, we’re talking about hosting hundreds of sporting events from various sports types and countries that take place every day—accumulating to 5700+ URLs on average per month.

It is clear that to maintain their favorable place in the top SERPs and users’ minds, relying on Google’s indexing process only won’t be enough to fully support such large-scale websites. 

“Since we know Google’s resources to crawl a JavaScript site are limited, we knew we had to find a solution for it.”


 Guy Sasson

SEO Lead of 888 Holdings

The Solutions

Dynamic rendering coupled with excellent customer service.

To keep all the benefits of client-side rendering in their products while still serving Google a fully rendered JS page fast and spotless, 888casino and 888sports adopted Prerender.

“Prerender is a great solution for us when considering the resources needed for server-side rendering. This way, we keep all the benefits of client-side rendering in our products.”

To add, the adoption process didn’t take long. Thanks to the simple 3-step installation process and the available manuals of Prerender products, they were able to finish the setup in record time.

“Prerender is easy to configure. I was happy to find useful and to-the-point information in the Knowledge Base on Prerender’s website. With the addition of fast responses from the support team, I tackled every issue to completion. In no time, we could serve Google fully rendered pages.”

888 Holdings - 888casino

The Results

Long-standing global domination in the online gambling niche.

Instead of putting blind trust in Google to index their pages, 888casino and 888sports took control of the matter. Now, all web pages are rendered promptly without interruption.

Despite having heavy-loaded JS-based websites with fast-moving content that runs on client-side rendering, they were able to keep their position as the world’s number one betting and gaming websites—both from Google’s and their players’ perspectives.

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