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Why Use a JavaScript Framework?

Using a JS framework unlocks the power to build bold web experiences for your customers, making your pages more engaging, easier to navigate, and better at converting. To ensure fast, consistent SEO results, install Prerender

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Other JS Benefits

Pros and Cons of JavaScript Frameworks

Although JavaScript lets you create unique and engaging customer experiences, the truth is that it’s terrible for SEO. Search engines struggle to access JS-based content, burying your website at the bottom of the SERPs (if included at all). New technologies try to solve this problem, but they burn tons of your money and engineering time while compromising your user experience.

To solve this problem, Prerender makes your pages easy to crawl and index.

Ember’s Speed Unlocked for Search Engines

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Other JS and Prerender

Ember and BackboneJS SEO Solved with Prerender

Indexation is usually a two-wave process involving crawling and indexing. Still, when JS is involved, search engines need to add an extra rendering step to make sense of your pages, and taking care of this step makes a difference.

Speed Up Your Site Indexation

Your pages will constantly change, requiring Google to continuously crawl your pages to keep their index up to date. However, JavaScript makes the process longer, according to most studies conducted, preventing you from getting the benefits of your changes. Prerender helps you skip all JavaScript-related bottlenecks, rewarding you with higher rankings.

Lower Investment, Higher Returns

Traditional solutions require heavy upfront investment on servers, space, and hundreds of engineering hours before seeing any measurable results, and still will provide you only the bare minimum to get your pages at Google’s door.

On the other hand, Prerender implementation requires just a simple installation, and all your pages will automatically be rendered and cached, solving your JavaScript SEO problems at a fraction of the cost and providing you with higher technical SEO performance.

Don’t Worry About Changing Your Tech Stack

No more considering new frameworks or technologies. Changing your entire infrastructure is resource intensive and downright not worth it. Prerender works with your current tech stack. No complicated workarounds or configurations. Just plug in Prerender and focus on what really matters: your customers!

Get More Traffic and Sales from Your AJAX Sites

Prerender is simple and scalable. Whether your website has 100,000 or 1,000,000+ URLs, we can help you turn your dynamic pages into content search engines love. Get started with 1,000 URLs free.

Frequently-Asked Questions

All your JS questions answered.

Single-page applications (SPAs) and enterprise websites that use AJAX frameworks have a reputation for being problematic for SEO. This is due to search engines being unable to fully render your pages and missing a lot of content like text, images, buttons, links, and SEO meta tags, resulting in crawling issues and low SEO performance.

With many JavaScript frameworks, loading speed is slowed by the need to process JavaScript and CSS scripts that affect how quickly pages can load and be displayed.

With Prerender, your site will be optimized to score as high as possible on every speed test, which can offer you an advantage in Google’s algorithm. Our tools enhance your website’s core vitals and help you interact with users effectively.

Although we usually talk in terms of Google (because it’s currently the most popular search engine), Prerender can work with all major search engines, including Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo, and crawlers like Twitterbot and Facebookexternalhit. Here’s a full list of the crawlers we serve from the get-go and the steps to configure additional bots if needed.