Get Your Large Dynamic JavaScript Website, Crawled, Indexed and Found

Get Your JavaScript Website Crawled, Indexed and Found

Pre-rendering solution for large and dynamic websites.
Achieve up to 260% faster indexing and a 300x better crawling performance.

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Prerender currently serves 2.7 billion web pages to crawlers.
Trusted by 65K businesses across the globe.

Struggling to Index Your Large JavaScript Site?

Bots and crawlers find it difficult to fully “read” your pages

Important content often goes unindexed 

Your site structure could be using up your crawl budget too quickly

Your pages aren’t optimized for social sharing previews

These challenges directly impact your SEO performance and your website’s visibility — ultimately affecting your ability to reach 
potential customers.

Enhance Your SEO Performance and Visibility with Prerender

Prerender is a server-side rendering solution that slots right into your workflow – no coding required.

Faster Delivery To Bots And Crawlers

Experience a remarkable boost in performance with Prerender.
Pages are lightning-fast and instantly accessible to crawlers, paving the way 
for faster indexing and growth in visibility.

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Web Crawler

Prerender boosts your page load speed for bots and crawlers, making it 100X faster.

Simplifying the management of millions of URLs, enhancing crawl and index effectiveness.

Structured Data Enhancement

Prerender ensures your site’s structured data, like rich snippets, is properly rendered and recognized by search engines.

This significantly improves your visibility on search engine result pages, leading to higher click-through rates and more organic traffic.

Social Sharing

Using Prerender for social sharing ensures your site can support all types of web crawlers, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and WhatsApp, among others.

How Prerender Works

Solving your JavaScript SEO and visibility challenges is easier than you think.


Install the integration compatible with your tech stack.

When a bot requests a page, your server pings Prerender. Not in cache? Prerender fetches and renders the page.

Once cached, Prerender serves the page swiftly to all future bots, boosting crawl budget and indexation.

Your pages are now loading lighting-fast for bots and crawlers, and are visible to your audience.

Is Prerender Compatible With My Tech Stack?

Yes! Prerender can seamlessly render sites with the most popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries.
Find out how Prerender works for sites built in ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, and others.


All your questions answered.

Prerender is your solution to JavaScript SEO challenges. We speed up the process of serving rendered content to bots and search crawlers, helping Google to properly crawl and index dynamic content, boosting your SEO performance. Find out more

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Search engines struggle with JavaScript content, often taking 9x longer to crawl and index JS-based pages than regular HTML sites. Prerender solves these SEO issues.
  2. PageSpeed Influence: Slow pages frustrate everyone, including search bots. Prerender delivers your pages in just 0.03 seconds on average, enhancing your chances of higher search results placements.
  3. Cost-Effective & Efficient Solution: Traditional rendering solutions can be expensive and complex. In contrast, Prerender takes a few hours to install and test, boosting your SEO scores at a fraction of the cost and without the drawbacks. Refer to Prerender’s benefits here

Absolutely, but indirectly. Prerender addresses all JavaScript-related issues for enterprise and single-page application sites. This boosts performance scores, increases crawl budget, and speeds up website indexing and reindexing. Prerender provides a solid foundation for your SEO campaign, leaving you free to focus on other essential ranking factors.

Yes! Prerender not only assesses your page’s technical optimization but also highlights opportunities and detects technical SEO issues. Monitor metrics like Prerender’s time to fully load your pages to optimize your site further.

Absolutely! Prerender fits into any modern tech stack regardless of your JavaScript framework or backend technologies. No need for code rewrites or setup changes. Check out our documentation for a full list of Prerender integrations.

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