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A Decade of Making JavaScript Websites SEO-Friendly

Our middleware is used to serve 100% cached versions of your web pages to search engine bots that have problems executing dynamic content. Get your web pages fully rendered and indexed by Google in a fraction of the time it would take without.

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Prerender currently serves 2.7 billion web pages to crawlers.
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How it Started

Our Story

For years, JavaScript has been the most popular programming language for developers (and within reason). This flexible, easy-to-use solution is a dream for marketers looking to create dynamic, complex sites at scale. However, it causes a dilemma for SEO and search engines’ ability to read your content. 

As a result, Prerender, a dynamic rendering SaaS software, was born.

Our intuitive, technical solution was designed to make your JS website easily indexable by search engines. We eliminate indexing and crawling limitations, allowing you to gain the upper hand on HTML sites and rank higher on SERPs.

In 2018, saas.group acquired Prerender and enabled us to quickly scale up and innovate by guiding us through a niche market landscape. Now, we are backed by 200+ international specialists and a growing internal team of engineers, designers, customer service agents, and marketers. Onwards and upwards!

prerendering for react, vuejs and angular
Who We Are

Management Team

Meet our passionate teaman extension of yours. 

We bring you decades of combined experience, a wealth of knowledge, skills, and a shared interest in achieving tech excellence. We have grown into an agile, multilingual team scattered across the globe. And together, we’re on a mission to unlock your SEO growth.

Zsolt Varga

General Manager

20 years ago, I started tinkering with technology to find more efficient ways to accomplish day-to-day tasks. That evolved into monetizing it, streamlining processes, and soon my hobby became a career. I’m passionate about helping tech-challenged companies through continuous improvement and growth.

Dave Madnani

Dave Madnani

Head of Solutions

I’ve worked in tech for 14 years. During this time, I became fascinated with the ephemeral nature of tech relevancy: how it can become obsolete in the blink of an eye, and how so many aspects of your life can easily be replaced by something faster or more efficient. Today, I deliver tailored solutions to solve these challenges.

Aliya Mirzakhmetova

Head of Product

I’m a seasoned, results-driven Product Leader in SaaS platform development. I have years of practical experience in leveraging data to make decisions that optimize user experiences and drive business growth.

Laszlo Takacs

Customer Relationship Manager

In 9 years, I’ve covered various customer-facing roles. I’ve developed my passion for helping companies overcome technical and other issues through knowledge sharing. I pride myself on creating authentic relationships and partnerships.

Raquel Heyman

Finance Manager

I have 10+ years of experience in customer-facing positions. I bridge the gap between organizations and customers, and my insatiable curiosity allows me to create sustainable, long-term value at every stage of the customer journey.

Tiffany Kroll

Head of Marketing

With over 9 years of experience in marketing, I have learned how to build and execute strategies that drive impressive results. I leverage my passion for design and creativity to captivate audiences, and tech to enhance our daily experiences.

Artem Pankratov

Head of Engineering

With over 13 years of experience in IT, I have honed my skills in managing and uplifting teams, emphasizing the importance of a positive culture, continuous learning, and user-focused product development. My passion for problem-solving is matched only by my dedication to excellence.

Who We Serve

Our Customers

While we cater to any business that requires prerendering—be it 100 or 10M+ URLs—we shine with enterprises that use old tech stacks. Each pricing plan provides its varied features and levels of support, depending on the number of page renders you need every month. How to install Prerender in a few steps.

Many of our customers rely on us for efficiency—with ease of use and near-zero development investment treading closely behind. We’ve been recommended by Google in their docs for developers, and dynamic rendering is Microsoft’s suggested solution for rendering JavaScript. To add, we’ve seen improvements in our customers’ SEO in as little as a day to a week from implementation. 

Why Prerender

Our Benefits

Never worry about your web pages being indexed again! We fix and supercharge your JavaScript SEO performance without sacrificing budget, resources, or user experience. Get a full breakdown of our benefits here.


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