How Ecommerce Rankings Translate to Sales — a CMO's Guide

Wondering why your product pages aren’t generating sales? Perhaps they’re not even showing up on Google. 

When it comes to ecommerce SEO, the ranking struggle is amplified by JavaScript elements that make it increasingly hard for Google to crawl and index your pages. When your pages aren’t being indexed, your online store won’t stand a chance at ranking. 

This ebook covers what CMOs need to know about ecommerce SEO and how these elements impact sales. From blockers to solutions, we’ve covered it in an easy-to-understand manner. 

It’s impossible for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to juggle every job in the book and solve JavaScript SEO challenges, but it is important to understand how JavaScript is not inherently SEO-friendly. If not attended to, it will impact your sales KPIs and organic search performance.

What You’ll Learn

– Why ecommerce websites are vulnerable to JavaScript SEO issues

– Common problems ecommerce websites deal with (including solutions!)

– Content and technical SEO issues solved by Prerender

From Rankings to Sales - A CMOs Guide to Ecommerce SEO

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Some answers to your Ecommerce SEO questions.

JavaScript lets you build interactive web pages that do not require continuous reloading on dynamic elements, granting your customers a seamless shopping experience without interruptions. JS also allows product pages to dynamically update the content, such as reviews and product stocks. In this free CMO guide, we go into detail on these examples.

Prerender ensures that JS-based elements, for example, product descriptions, reviews, and pricing information, are fully rendered and accessible to search engine crawlers. Crawling allows your content to be indexed, which, in turn, drives higher ranking opportunities.

Many businesses naturally gravitate towards server-side rendering (SSR) as it is known to solve indexing issues and offer additional performance benefits. However, it can become incredibly expensive, as you’re required to render and maintain your own servers. Alternatively, the most sustainable rendering solution for large-scale sites like ecommerce is Prerender. As a plug-and-play tool, Prerender requires no upfront cost and can easily be scaled depending on your needs. Visit Prerender pricing to learn more.

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