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Before a website can rank for specific keywords, pages need to be indexed by search engines.But, before search engines can
Nowadays, mobile traffic accounts for 58.99% of the global online traffic, making it a must to create websites as mobile-friendly
Before your pages can rank on Google, they must be discovered and indexed. The first step to achieving this is
If you’ve read about SEO, you’ve probably heard about "black hat" techniques like cloaking. Even if you’re not interested in
Search engine optimization is an investment that, when done right, can create a sustainable source of income for your business.
In 2024, around 98.7% of all websites use JavaScript in one way or another. And it’s easy to understand why.
Your title tag is often the first thing that users will see when they do a search on Google. An
As with many things in life, when it comes to SEO the devil is in the details. Success in SEO
Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of search engine algorithms or website maintenance best practices can be challenging for even
Technical SEO is a well-executed strategy that factors in various on-page and off-page ranking signals to help your website rank

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