Published on May 7, 2024

Prerender Simplifies SEO Performance in 4 New Ways

Prerender Simplifies Performance in 4 New Ways

Prerender is already a powerful tool, but now you can unlock even greater benefits with our targeted add-on packages. These packages go beyond your existing plan to address specific business needs, giving you the edge you need to succeed.

The goal of these packages is to remove any bottlenecks and restrictions you might be experiencing and give you more value. Some of these bottlenecks can occur during the setup process or even in integrating with your existing framework – we’ve got you covered. Are you having a hard time with your billing process? We’ve just the right package for you.

Why You Need An Upgrade

These packages have been meticulously designed to enhance your Prerender experience. Prerender presents a bespoke solution that allows you to choose an add-on that best suits your use case whether you’re an SEO Manager, Developer or Finance Officer.

These are our four Prerender add-on packages; 

  • Kickstart
  • Advantage+
  • ProPay
  • Security+

Your next step is to decide which ones best suit your needs and add them to your existing Prerender plan. 

Kickstart Add-on Package

This one-time package empowers you with expert setup and configuration, ensuring a smooth and secure launch. We offer the following value-added services including;

  • 3 setup and configuration sessions with our experts
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Comprehensive security assessment
  • ACH and PO setup

Use Case: You know you need this package if you are an SEO manager to help you with setup and integration.

We’ll get your company up and running with no guesswork. We will walk you through the entire integration process and you get to completely avoid any downtime.

Advantage+ Add-on Package

Enjoy an elevated level of support and insight. The Advantage+ package allows you to have more strategic control over your operations. 

  • Dedicated account manager 2 monthly consultation sessions
  • Custom reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Ongoing support with guaranteed response times

Use Case: You know you need this package if you are an SEO manager seeking support with frequent consultations and insights into how Prerender can boost your business. 

We will provide you with a dedicated account that will hold your hand as you navigate through Prerender. 

ProPay Add-on Package

Simplify your financial operations. Minimize your administrative burdens and ensure smooth payments.

  • ACH handling
  • PO management

This plan avoids the use of credit cards, which are generally less accounting-friendly.

With ProPay, you get administrative value-add for companies with strict payment departments. It makes things easier and quicker to get the results you want by removing the friction of automating payments within your organization.

Security+ Add-on Package

Protect your pre-rendering infrastructure with comprehensive security solutions.

  • Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Regular security assessment completion
  • Dedicated security expertise and support

Use Case: You know you need this package if you are an Enterprise Company that requires extra security and guidance so that it ties in with your company’s security and compliance. 

You can use your standard identity management login protocols like Azure, Okta, and more with Prerender to avoid user provisioning and management headaches.

How To Add Packages In Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Within your dashboard navigate to Billing Settings – Billing Overview

Step 2: Go to Billing Settings and select your preferred package

Step 3: Confirm Your Package Subscription


Looking through the different packages you can see that they have been carefully crafted to reduce friction, take on challenges for you and ensure you maintain compliance with your company guides while still delivering cutting-edge results. 



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