Published on February 1, 2023

5 Ways Prerender Can Save Your Business Money

Prerender can save you money

Website performance and user experience (UX) are crucial for online success. 

… but before you can achieve those successes, your customers need to be able to find you. 

When your site is built in JavaScript, it can be challenging to reach the full potential as search engines often struggle to crawl and index these sites. Now, trying to overcome this challenge with a traditional solution like server-side rendering (SSR) is expensive, time-consuming, and technically demanding.

Here are 5 ways dynamic rendering can save you business money and provide better SEO benefits. 

1. Reduced Server Costs

One of the first things you’ll notice when trying to implement a solution like server-side rendering is that it requires a lot of upfront investment – just to name a few expenses:

  • Buying the hardware (e.g., CPU, RAM, and storage)
  • Setting up the hardware and adapting the space
  • The cost of any additional components (e.g., backup storage, network switches, and cooling)
  • Security costs

According to Server Mania, a high-end server (which you will need to handle the rendering process) for a small business is $3,800 plus taxes.

Server Side Rendering Costs Example

For enterprise businesses, the cost of setting up a complete server to implement server-side rendering could easily reach tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars based on the specifications and components needed for the server, the number of servers required to handle the traffic, and the cost of any additional components.

However, you will also need to consider upgrading the hardware as your business and traffic scale, maintenance work to keep your servers up and running, and support-related costs to handle malfunctions and emergencies as quickly as possible.

You will also need everything to be top-notch to avoid extensive loading times, which would beat the point of using SSR, as search engines and customers will have a terrible experience if your performance drops.

All of these expenses can be avoided entirely when using Prerender. Since this technical SEO tool is an open-source, external service, you won’t have to worry about hardware, setups, or maintenance. Our team will ensure your pages are always up to date and ready for search engines with no upfront costs.

Resource: Learn how Prerender works [3 minutes read].

2. Minimize Engineering Time and Expenses

So far, we’ve only talked about hardware costs. Still, there’s also the actual building of your backend to handle prerendering of your pages and the distribution of these rendered versions to the client.

This process requires an experienced engineering team to source and buy the right components and code the entire solution (with security and functionalities in mind). It would mean hiring or outsourcing a completely new team to handle the task or taking engineering time out of your products – delaying product launches. That being said, implementing a hardcode solution also requires time.

For a small, straightforward website, a team of experienced developers could implement SSR in a matter of days or weeks. While for a larger, more complex website could take several weeks or even months – not to mention you’ll need a support and maintenance team.

Note: You’ll also need to allocate time and resources to testing and optimization.

On the other hand, implementing Prerender can take from a couple of hours to two days (if you want to fine-tune the rendering options and exclude URLs from pre-rendering).

All your developers need to do is install Prerender’s middleware on your backend and run a test to ensure it’s working correctly, reducing development time and costs significantly.

3. Prevent Loss-Revenue Due to Downtime on Servers

Unlike in-house or outsourced teams, Prerender engineers’ sole focus is to keep the rendering process as smooth, efficient, and optimized as possible. This translates into 99.99% uptime and quick fixes without you having to move a finger.

In a world where having your servers malfunctioning can hurt your business visibility and lose you customers and organic rankings, counting on a dedicated team just working on keeping the rendering system up and running is a massive advantage over the competition.

Furthermore, our team is dedicated to innovating and improving our pre-rendering system to make it faster for search engines to pick your pages (and the updates you make to them) and ensure your pages are 100% rendered, no matter the technologies you’re using.

4. Reduced Ad Spend

If you’re having problems getting your pages crawled and indexed, search ads are the only way to capture searchers’ clicks and generate new leads and customers.

However, relying on ads is not only expensive but unsustainable. As soon as you stop paying for this visibility, your sales will drop, creating bottlenecks for your marketing efforts and leaving your business unable to scale.

Prerender solves this problem entirely by creating a snapshot of your fully-rendered pages and serving them as static HTML files to search engines. In return, search engines can find all your links faster (improving crawl budget and efficiency) and index your content correctly. Effectively solving the most common JavaScript indexation issues holding your site back.

Winning the top positions on the SERPs for terms you’re currently paying for will allow you to reduce your ad spend while increasing the revenue from your content efforts and grow your business with a sustainable, organic channel.

5. Avoid Having to Rebuild Your Entire App

One of the essential advantages of Prerender for finished websites and web applications is that you don’t need to change your tech stack to implement Prerender. It’s common for a lot of founders and business owners to build their backends with technologies like Python, C#, or Java just to figure out they need a rendering solution to compete on search engines and have to rebuild their entire app.

Prerender works no matter your tech stack, as the rendering is conducted on our servers.

You have no constraints over what technologies to use, and you can rest assured that Google and other search engines will always get the full version of your pages.

Ready to Get Started?

Implementing Prerender is quick and effective, which means you can get value faster than with any other solution. Mixing this with the freedom to innovate and focus on your business gives you the perfect formula for online success. If you want to try Prerender for up to 1000 URLs for free, create a free Prerender account to experience the benefits, or you can dive into our documentation to learn more.



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