How To Get Your Javascript Product Pages Found — A Free Guide for Ecommerce SEOs

Any SEO knows that an ecommerce website with JS elements resembles a complex ecosystem. Besides facing significantly more technical issues than standard websites, you’re also battling Google for visibility. It takes 9x longer for Google to crawl and index JS pages and requires 20x more resources (crawl budget) to index your pages, leaving you with a big task on your hands. 

In this ebook, we’ll show you how to navigate these hurdles with actionable solutions. 

Today, most ecommerce websites captivate customers with beautiful designs and fun interactivity. However, due to the dynamic nature of the content, they’re littered with technical and JavaScript issues. As a result, 60% of them fail the most basic Google speed and performance tests.

technical and JavaScript issues

This easy-to-digest guide gets straight to the point. It highlights the main roadblocks that impact your SERPs. You’ll learn about traits that make retail websites liable to JavaScript SEO issues and how to solve them. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned SEO trying to navigate the world of ecommerce, this ebook will guide you on how to turn your website into a conversion machine!

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How To Get Your Javascript Product Pages Found — a Free Guide for Ecommerce SEOs

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Some answers to your Ecommerce SEO questions.

For ecommerce websites, you will do everything a “normal” or standard website requires from SEO and some. The key differentiating factor is your focus and the formats of content being optimized. For example, reviews, product listings, product images, categories, etc. Your approach goes beyond optimizing content for visibility; it’s to turn ranking content into sales.

JavaScript content is already a challenge for Google to crawl and index. It is a very resource-heavy task, costing you a large amount of crawl budget. Unfortunately, the unique nature of ecommerce sites (their content, URL structures, and navigation systems) amplifies the struggle. Consequently, ecommerce pages are more prone to half-crawled or half-indexed content (if at all), impacting your chances of visibility.

The best rendering solution for ecommerce is Prerender. Due to the amount of JavaScript pages (or elements) you’re dealing with, you’ll want to opt for a plug-and-play solution with no upfront costs. You can scale as you need, and there is no need to render on your own servers. 


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