Just like search engines and web technologies, technical SEO is constantly evolving. 

Stay up to date with the latest and most effective optimization strategies, stats, and guides to help achieve faster crawl and index rates and unlock higher ranking opportunities. 

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Strategies to help boost JavaScript SEO and gain visibility in search.
The concept of missing content: why it matters, and how to address it.
How to detect crawl budget issues by analyzing log files.
Strategies you can use to start getting your properties indexed fast.
The fundamentals of crawl budget efficiency and optimization.
How Prerender uses caching to increase your site’s performance, and more.
Comparative data on the top JavaScript frameworks in 2023.
Find out how to improve technical SEO indexing issues.
Explore the implications of mobile-first indexing for JS-heavy websites.
The state of JavaScript SEO across the most popular search engines.

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