Elderado – Prerender Case Study

Eldorado’s Traffic Grew by 80% After Fixing Rendering Issues

There’s no need to trade interactive user experience (UX) with SEO performance anymore.

Eldorado Case Study

Their Story

Built by gamers, for gamers. Eldorado is heaven for video game enthusiasts.

The online game industry has been booming for years. 

While some players enjoy spending their downtime seeking rare items and collecting coins to level up their characters, some prefer to take shortcuts and buy in-game goods from other players.  

These online game trading techniques are brilliant ideas but can also be risky. In the past, most trades were conducted without guarantees that buyers or sellers would receive goods or payments as promised. Eldorado saw this as a gap in the gaming community and invested in the niche. 

In 2018, Eldorado started a safe, free platform for gamers to exchange digital gaming currencies, accounts, items, and services across the globe. (They act as the middleman, ensuring all transactions are protected, legit, and easy.) Not long after the concept took off and more players started using their services, Eldorado knew they were far from their full potential. 

To take their business to the next level, they needed to address the poor rendering issues of their Single Page Applications (SPA) website. Ignoring it could hurt their SEO health and bottom line. 

This was where Prerender swooped in and solved this problem once and for all.

Client Challenges

SPAs and Googlebot don’t go hand-in-hand

From the beginning, Eldorado was aware that they would likely face some SPA rendering problems. After all, Google and other search engine bots are notoriously known for having trouble processing JavaScript-based pages—and Eldorado’s SPA was no exception. In fact, they experienced the effects of faulty indexing on their traffic first-hand.

“Our main pain point was Googlebot’s ability to render SPA. Even though in their official docs they claim that SPA is supported, in reality, we noticed that our app was never fully crawled, which significantly impacted our SEO results.”

Additionally, poor crawling performance wasn’t the only problem faced by Eldorado. Every time a bot spotted a JS file while rendering a page, it stopped the process and executed the JS code before it continued (also known as ‘render blocking’). This roadblock negatively affected Eldorado’s PageSpeed scores and the website’s ranking.

“After one Google update that caused issues with our rendering, it was the final straw. We needed to find a quick solution before everything went south.”

The Solution

Dynamic rendering that fixes SPA indexing

At first, Eldorado considered building its own rendering solution—but soon discarded this option after they compared its high maintenance costs and resources against implementing Prerender.

“We decided that Prerender allows us to have faster results with less responsibility for custom solution maintenance. After the integration, we never had any major issues with crawling and indexing again. The tool does its job without hiccups, which already beats most other tools that struggle to provide a good rendering solution.”

Prerender is the easiest and most effective solution for solving JavaScript SEO problems. When rendering a page, the dynamic renderer will fetch all the necessary files and generate a cached static HTML version to Googlebot upon request. This way, we could cut the processing time, leading to an average 0.03-second page delivery time and 100% indexed pages!

The Results

80% increase in traffic and reached the top 3 keyword positions

After Prerender solved the SPA rendering problems, Eldorado started to see a significant impact on their crawled and indexed page performance, as well as their SEO performance. 

Before using our dynamic rendering solution, many of their pages were unindexed. After, their unindexed page went down to almost zero. 

“Prerender solved a critical problem for Eldorado where we experienced a sudden ‘Not Indexed’ spike. They acted seamlessly, and it was a relatively easy fix, which saved our positions and played a big part in helping Eldorado grow up to this day.”

Here are the indexing performances before and after Prerender adoption.

Indexing performance before Prerender

Before Using Prerender

Indexing performance after Prerender

After Using Prerender

Moreover, when reviewing Eldorado’s crawled page statistics, 83% of them were requested for ‘Refresh’ purposes. Fortunately, our recache solution significantly increased their PageSpeed scores and spared their valuable crawl budget.

With all these technical SEO advancements happening, it wasn’t shocking when they secured the top 3 spots on their high-performing keywords and saw a big jump in their organic traffic.

Eldorado’s top-performing keywords include:

  • “GTA 5 modded accounts” – first place
  • “Fortnite accounts for sale” – second place
  • “Valorant accounts” – second place
  • “Buy OSRS gold” – third place

Their traffic substantially increased by 53% after two months of the Prerender integration and 80% growth after ten months.

Furthermore, thanks to the low learning curve, it didn’t take long for Eldorado to implement and incorporate Prerender into their daily tasks. Even those without a technical background can manage Prerender. 

“The Prerender platform is very clear and easy to use. Non-tech guys could easily adapt to Prerender features that were important to us. [For example,] looking through crawled HTML pages, requesting recache, and viewing similar basic information. It also has a user-friendly UI that helps the adaptation process quicker.”

Prerender Case Study Results - Eldorado

So, what’s next for Eldorado?

“We will keep using Prerender because it keeps everything floating.”

Eldorado has some upcoming projects, and its success relies heavily on search engine crawling and indexing performance. They can’t wait to launch them together with Prerender.

“[Adopting] Prerender saved us a lot of headaches, money, and time. It would cost way more for us to develop the solution than to pay Prerender. We don’t see why we would stop using it because, without Prerender, everything can collapse easily.

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