Category: Crawl Budget

Find out what it takes for JavaScript to outrank static HTML pages. There are a variety of factors that influence the crawling resources you get from search engines. For example, your site’s popularity, the quality of your content, and technical SEO health, among others.

Learn more as we unpack this topic in this category, with tips on how to improve and maximize your crawl potential.  

The fundamentals of crawl budget efficiency and optimization.
Let’s explore the most common reasons websites get de-indexed.
10 strategies to speed up your site’s indexation.
SEO best practices to keep in mind to prevent indexation problems.
Before a website can rank for specific keywords, pages need to be indexed by search engines.But, before search engines can
Before your pages can rank on Google, they must be discovered and indexed. The first step to achieving this is
Crawl Budget is a frequently misunderstood term in SEO and digital marketing. This largely stems from a lack of understanding
The world of web development has changed rapidly. Over the last fifteen years, web pages have evolved from simple HTML

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